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Northern Spy Records announces a full-length album from avant-rock experimentalists Starring. Playful stalwarts of the Brooklyn DIY scene, last year Starring holed up in Brooklyn’s St. Cecilia’s Church with producer Matt Mehlan (frontman of Skeletons and collaborator with Congoronics vs Rockers) to compose an album of six compositions they call ABCDEFG-HIJKLMNOP-QRSTUV-WXYZ.

Starring’s ABCDEFG-HIJKLMNOP-QRSTUV-WXYZ combines minimalist musical patterns with dreamy poetry to create a new style front-woman Clara Hunter likes to call “sparkle prog.” It captures the frenetic energy of the band’s live show, but here it is overlain with a new palate of synthesizers, delay effects, drum processing, aux percussion, and vocals that create delicate, but sometimes radical juxtapositions between the lyrical and the experimental. Though songs like “the best” and “aphonia” channel the loud, raw, and repetitive “circus punk” of Starring’s early releases, much of this record speaks with a broader sense of expressive depth.

Over the course of the album’s six cuts, choruses soar at monstrous heights framed by mechanical and occult trances. Dead jazz turns up with fuzzy 8-bit solos, whistling synths pipe beneath ghostly choral arrangements, viola lines in Turkish modes swoop into ornamented curls and loops, and singer Clara Hunter’s girlish vocals whisper the record’s secrets with surreal, woozy melodies. Concretely, the album reflects an aesthetic that recalls the classic sounds of European prog rock (Magma, Faust, Neu!), the unhinged grit of 1970’s New York no wave artists like Suicide, the earliest cuts from minimalists like Terry Riley and Philip Glass, and even a dose of post-rock’s strung-out improvisations.

Album art courtesy of Alex Ness


1. the best
2. ie
3. ———ooooooooooo
4. aphonia
5. ….7….
6. wo


05/19/12 Brooklyn, New York – 285 Kent Ave *^%
05/20/12 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie ^
05/21/12 Baltimore, MD Golden – West Cafe ^
05/22/12 Cleveland, OH – Happy Dog ^
05/23/12 Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups ^
05/24/12 St. Louis, MO – El Lenador ^
05/25/12 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle ^&

* = w/ R. Stevie Moore
^ = w/ Bobby Conn
% = w/ Zun Zun Agui
& = w/ Cave


“The band is nearly as omnivorous as King Crimson when it comes to genre, and just as good at making all the bits fit together: I think I’m picking up Deep Purple, the MC5, Sonic Youth, Soft Machine, and Devo, all sitting together on the same plate so that everybody’s sauce leaks into everybody’s meat. It’s a heady and beautiful blend.” – The Chicago Reader

“Think Suicide and a Wooden Ship sailing merrily on a thermos full of Red Bull and Verb Caf coffee… Starring join together to tinker with volume, rhythm and the infectious drone of a Farfisa, angling to be a force more invested in body music than mind music.” – The Village Voice

“[Starring]…played with a vigorous clarity, a compositional vision and instrumental facility that no amount of psych haze, guitar fuzz, or jam flirtations could obscure.” – Impose Magazine

“…a uniquely infectious form of art rock.” – Time Out New York


Label Contact:
Adam Downey

PR Contact:
Derek Meir – Solid PR

Booking Contact:
Derek Becker – Strange Victory Booking Company

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