Loren Connors’ Haunted House – Live in NYC

Haunted House Live in NYC, photos by yuko2 on Flickr.

Haunted House Live in NYC by yuko2 

Loren Connors @ Haunted House Live in NYC

Loren Connors @ Haunted House Live in NYC

Haunted House Live in NYC

We are brimming with excitement to witness another all-to-rare Haunted House show with Loren Connors, Suzanne Langille, Andrew Burnes, and Neel Murgai. On April 6, 2011 the band will perform at Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY)


The photos above were taken at last year’s Summer Courtyard Concert at Issue Project Room (7/11/2010)


Haunted House played at Tonic, the Cooler, Brownies and other venues in the late 1990s, until one of its band members moved away. The band was comprised of avant blues guitarist Loren Connors, vocalist/lyricist Suzanne Langille, avant guitarist Andrew Burnes (of San Agustin) and Neel Murgai (soundtrack for “The Yes Men Fix the World”) on the daf. They re-unite for this performance, after roughly a 10-year hiatus. Simon Hopkins in Motion Reviews writes:  “…There’s something extraordinarily alien about the blues that all the ‘rootsy’ marketing in the world can’t deny. Loren MazzaCane Connors is one of a handful of musicians helping his audience rediscover that other worldliness, and seldom has he done so with more clarity than here, as single blues phrases are seemingly extended across minutes rather than bars. Langille’s ethereal voice adds to the tension and exoticism, Murgai’s daf perhaps even more so. Meanwhile, Burnes’s guitar is the perfect foil for LMCs.”

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