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Diamond Terrifier || Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself || Northern Spy Records
Catalog Number: NS 026 || Format: CD, LP, MP3, FLAC || Street Date: August 14th, 2012

Diamond Terrifier‘s debut full lenth Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself is a towering monolith of spiritual free-RnB sax riffing, embedded in world dub fragments, and harmonizer pedals.  Instrument, genre, and technology are pushed to failure.  The resulting ‘spooky action at a distance’ darts around in the margins of what’s possible, erratic in sentiment and aesthetic.  Uncreative music journalists might say, ‘Clarence Clemons meets Mad Max’, but a broken clock is right twice a day, and in this case, they’d be right!

ZS’ saxist Sam Hillmer connects the dots from Beefheart to Kenny-G to future African saxophones.  The only saxophonist in America coming straight out of the noise scene, inventing the saxophone as though Jazz weren’t awesome, he opens new space for the instrument on this deeply irreverent first LP.  Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself.  Just make sure you pick the right one!


Sam Hillmer:  saxophone
Produced by Chris Taylor

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Diamond Terrifier || SHRINE FLU C22 || Words+Dreams W+D008

A1 Shrine Flu
B1 Chicken Shaman
B2 Porcupine Quills

The latest from Brooklyn’s prolific-to-the-point-of-madness Sam Hillmer, SHRINE FLU spreads slabs of droning, meditative, pitch-shifted sax thickly over other-worldly-reverb’d scrapes, echoes, and sighs. Picking up where DT debut Himalayan Appalachia left off, SHRINE FLU concentrates its tiptoeing dystopian atmospherics into half the time with twice the punch. Described by Hillmer as “the part of the Venn diagram representing our collective psyche where spiritual paranoia & materialism overlap with political and economic paranoia & materialism,”SHRINE FLU is the perfect complement to a 21st century drowning in post-post-modern concepts of self, cultural memes that provide a conceptual framework for endless war, and a historically unprecedented sociopolitical death drive. The next time you flip on CNBC and hear some talking head pontificating about an economy predicated on “creative destruction,” take it as another sign of the SHRINE FLU pandemic!

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Diamond Terrifier || Himalayan AppalachiaC40 || Sockets Records SCKTS028

Diamond Terrifier’s (Sam Hillmer of ZS) Himalayan Appalachia was released on Sockets Records on limited-edition cassette tape on Sept. 17. This first full release under the Diamond Terrifier moniker features two 20-minute solo tenor sax workouts. Side A of Himalayan Appalachia sees Hillmer moving between long waves of stretched notes to fluttering and back again. Side B transitions to an echoey soundscape complete with hand percussion and noisier sax-pedal crescendos.Himalayan Appalachia was recorded on July 10th, Hillmer’s 33rd birthday.

“We had the idea to record on my birthday like 5 days ahead of time.  Ben Greenberg (ZS) let us use the space,Rich Zerbo got out his mobile, analog tape machine, and Laura Paris (Trouble) got the projections and the videos ready to go.  Lastly, my buddy Nate came through and took pictures.  It was an awesome thing to do for a birthday, and I recommend it to anyone who makes records.”For Hillmer, the point with this record, and with everything that Diamond Terrifier does, “is to make music on the saxophone that is outside the spirit of the available niche the instrument has cultivated to date.  From the self important catharsis of free jazz and the urban angularity of bop, to the vague sexuality of adult contemporary, there is really no place to call home as a saxophonist with a certain aesthetic sensibility.  So it’s trying to make the world I want to live in.  Imagining the saxophone as an instrument that never fell into the hands of monster technicians and unctuous stylists.  Like, an instrument with the profile of, say, some random flute you pick up somewhere.  But then you just really go for it!”Sam Hillmer (aka Diamond Terrifier) has been active in New York City since 1996.  Hillmer has lead several ensembles under his own name and co-founded the chamber ensemble/band “ZS”.  He is also a founding member of Wet Ink, a not-for-profit new music presenting organization, Representing NYC, a Hip Hop based youth development group, and the art duo Trouble.  Hillmer appears regularly in and around New York, across North America, in Europe, and in Japan.

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1. Two Witnesses
2. Three Things
1. One Point
2. Five Dark Ages

This release is also available digitally via Bandcamp: